Harnessing the Potential of Multifactor Attribution




What You’ll Discover:

  1. Why Multifactor Attribution Matters:
    • Explore the rationale behind using multifactor approaches.
    • Gain insights into how these methodologies enrich our understanding of portfolio dynamics.
  2. Empowering Informed Decisions:
    • Learn how to use factor analysis in conjunction with factor risk analysis.
    • Explore strategies for optimizing investment decisions by considering the broader context, including economic impacts, unforeseen factors, and forecasting.
  3. Real-World Applications:
    • Explore practical case studies.
    • Benefit from industry experts’ insights

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Dan DiBartolomeo, Owner, Northfield Information

Mr. DiBartolomeo is President and founder of Northfield Information Services, Inc. He holds director positions with numerous financial industry professional societies such as Boston Economics Club, IAQF, CQA, and PRMIA. His publication record includes more than fifty books, book chapters, and research journal articles. In addition, Dan spent several years as a Visiting Professor at Brunel University. He has been admitted as an expert witness in litigation matters regarding investment management practices and derivatives in both US federal and state courts. In 2010, he received the Tech 40 Award from Institutional Investor magazine for his key role in the discovery of the Bernard Madoff hedge fund fraud. In 2019, he became “co-editor in chief” of the Journal of Assert Management.


Tom Wieczorek, Head of Analytics Product Management, Confluence

Tom Wieczorek is an accomplished professional with a diverse background in product management, analytics, and leadership within the financial services industry. He currently serves as the Head of Analytics Product Management at Confluence Technologies. Previously, he held the position of Managing Director, Product at London Stock Exchange Group and contributed to shaping product strategies and driving innovation in the financial sector. Tom’s multifaceted career showcases his commitment to excellence in financial services and analytics, making a significant impact in the industry.