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On August 25th, we hosted a virtual fireside chat with one of the GIPS founding members, Carl Bacon, CIPM; Todd Juillerat, CFA, Senior Vice President of the Spaulding Group; and Hans Groetsch, Product Manager - Revolution Composites at Confluence.

Topics for discussion included: 

  • The evolution of the GIPS standards
    • Industry challenges that were being addressed
    • Why the Standards have been successful
  • The GIPS 2020 standards
    • The impact GIPS 2020 is having on firms
    • Benefit of becoming and staying compliant
    • The key areas of compliance firms struggle with
    • Feedback received so far
  • New markets
    • How different regions have approached and adopted GIPS
  • Technology
    • How technology can be a partner
    • What firms should look for in a partner
    • How can firms ensure they are ready for the 2021 work-from-home scenario



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