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More Than Compliance: Setting the Scene for the Next Phase of RegTech


More Than Compliance: Setting the Scene for the Next Phase of RegTech

As the RegTech space continues to mature, focus is shifting from the what to the how – that is, from simply being compliant to identifying how asset managers and service providers can leverage technology to refine existing compliance and reporting procedures and execute them with efficiency, precision and cost-effectiveness.

Looking Ahead

Across the globe, regulators are checking work more closely and asking asset managers
to amend their reports with additional clarifying information. And why wouldn’t they? Beyond
safeguarding investors, this data is valuable for imparting insights and informing rulemaking.
This is another way that the new wave of requirements, while burdensome at times, is
making the industry stronger – but this higher level of scrutiny also means reporting errors
are more likely to negatively impact an organization than ever before.

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  • What the next phase of regulatory technology will offer asset managers and service providers 

  • Why automation and consistency will play a crucial role in responding to future regulations and regulatory changes

  • How Confluence's RegTech solutions are built to minimize human error and respond to regulatory change