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Perfect 20/20 hindsight?
...No, perfect 20/20 vision!
An epic journey started in 2000 with: “StatPro goes to the City... of London Casino(1).” Shortly after “A Fairy-tale performance(2)”, you enjoyed: “StatPro: Making rapid progress(3).” During this journey, challenging early years culminated in an important forecast for 2006: “Oh no! It’s a prophet warning(4)”...and how the ‘prophets’ have grown and grown ever since! And as the year ‘007 arrived, we had “all the Bonds covered and their derivatives(5).” Despite a difficult economic backdrop of 2008, you were welcomed to “Priceland, offering prices for all your frozen assets(6).” But in 2009, it was definitely “Time for Change?(7)” and then everyone joined the “StatPro Revolution(7).” After 20 years of bringing you “StatWars(8), ‘API days(9), StatMan(10)” and many other Statpuns... there dawns a new Chapter in StatPro’s life, a ‘Confluence’ with a great new partner. As one fantastic era ends, a bright new future begins. Was this moment predicted all those years ago? ...did we have perfect 20/20 hindsight?! Anyway, although Nostalgia is not what it used to be, we hope you enjoy these reminiscences.
1. City-Cover 2. Fairytale-Inside
3. Beach-Cover 4. Prophet-Inside (1)
5. Bond-Inside 6. Priceland-Cover
 7. Revolution-Inside 8. Star-Wars-Cover
9. API-Days 10. Superheroes-Inside
StatPro is now a part of Confluence